Questions & Answers

How should I store my pool?
Dry and in a cool place

Will it fit back into the envelope provided?
Yes, but not as perfectly as you received it. The best way to do this is to use your air pump's suction mode to get the last of the air out. Then fold the pool until it has a long line shape and then fold it until it is the size of the envelope. It will definitely not close as easily as it did at the beginning. But it will still store nicely and safely for next summer.

My pool is leaking, I can't find a hole, what can I do?
First check the air valves. If they are not completely and tightly sealed, the pool may slowly drain over time. This can be the case with the upper ring, as the water pressure filled with water stretches the two lower rings and stretches the upper ring. This causes the upper ring to lose air. First try to introduce more air through the one-way valve of the upper ring with the hand pump and close the valve. Make sure it is closed properly. Do not use an electric pump when the pool is filled with water.

There is a big hole in the pool, what can I do?
Your cat or dog also wanted to splash in the LITTLE SEASIDE POOL and added a hole with their claws? No problem, even in such cases you do not have to do without your pool. Please use the Vinyl Plastic Repair Kit included with your purchase. If the hole is too big, no problem. For this purpose, there is extra waterproof large-area PVC tape that you can order on the Internet. Write us an e-mail to, we will be happy to recommend you a suitable product.

Where do I put the pool?
It is best to place it on a smooth and horizontal surface. If the ground is hard, we recommend that you place a blanket or mat underneath.

Can I add chlorine to the pool?
Never add chlorine to your pool, it will damage and deteriorate the color and material.

Why is the pool so expensive?
You will certainly find pools that are less expensive, however, these are printed millions of times by large companies. We only produce our designer pools with toxin-free materials in factories with proven safe and responsible working conditions. If you have any questions that you can't find here, please email us at

Are the shipping boxes recyclable?
Yes, they are, because they can easily be disposed of with waste paper.