Assembly instructions

Are you ready for your summer fun? Then inflate your pool...

Follow these simple steps...

Open up your entire LITTLE SEASIDE pool on a level surface - free of anything that could damage it or cause it to burst.

Make sure all 3 valves on each ring are open.

Start inflating the bottom ring with an electric or hand pump by inserting the appropriate pump nozzle into the first opening of the valve and turning on the pump or inflating by hand.

WARNING: If you decide to use an electric pump, make sure there is no water in or around the pool to avoid electric shock.

Quickly secure the one-way valve by pushing inward and sealing both valves airtight.

Add a little more air with your pump through the second valve opening until the ring has reached the desired inflation pressure. Stretch out the pool as you inflate to get air in the folds. Don't inflate too much. This will put unnecessary stress on the seams and could damage the pool.

Also close the second valve and push the plug into the inside of the pool.

Repeat this process for the middle and top ring as well. Your LITTLE SEASIDE pool may not be perfectly round right away, but that's okay. The water and sun will round it out in no time.

Make sure your pool is free from electrical hazards.

Check that the drain valve is properly plugged into the bottom of the pool and always fill it with fresh water.

WARNING: Do not fill your pool with more than 70% water. Overfilling your pool can lead to safety issues, damage to your pool and property.

Please change the water regularly

Please remember that only adults should set up Little Seaside Pools.

You've worked long enough now. Step into your LITLLE SEASIDE POOL and enjoy the wonderful summer feeling.